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Calbayog City: 6 Exciting & Wonderful Spots Of Samar Wanting To Be Discovered!


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Choose Philippines | Apr 05, 2017

Samar is a huge place: bordered on the north by Northern Samar, east by Eastern Samar, south by Leyte, and faces the sea on the west, it’s easy to get lost in its humongous 6,000 square kilometers. However, if you ever find yourself in its capital of Calbayog City not knowing what to do or where to go, the Calbayog City Tourism Office made a quick and easy list of the many places you can visit. Here are but a few:

Mapaso Hot Springs

Ingat nang hindi Mapaso!

In a country as hot as the Philippines, going to a hot spring wouldn't be the first thing on your mind. However, when you experience the relaxing properties of it here in Mapaso, you'll understand why it's so popular!


Hibatang River

Beautifully made by nature!

The Philippines, being a country surrounded by water, has numerous bodies of water. Hibatang in Calbayog is one beautiful example of how rich the Philippines is in terms of natural resources. Take a relaxing cruise on it today!


Calbayog City Forest and Marble Park

Imposing, yet magnificent.

The City Forest cuts through the green-tinted Malajog River, providing a beautiful green backdrop to the pristine white marble mountain. It's another example of how diverse the destinations in Samar are!


Muro-Puro Snorkeling Site

Dive down to new depths!

Simply put, Muro-Puro has yet to be discovered by the mainstream diving public, so if you go now, there's a great chance you'll enjoy the open ocean all to yourself!


Tarangban Falls

Perfect for thos muni-muni shots!

Waterfall-chasers, rejoice: Calbayog has numerous waterfalls, and among the truly magnificent ones is Tarangban Falls. It isn't too steep, but isn't too flat either. It's perfect for those sentimental selfies like the screenshot above!


Calbayog Zipline and Malajog Ridge Nature Park

Could this be one of the longest in the Philippines?

This zipline could easily be the longest in the Philippines, spanning the mainland and an islet off the coast. So, are you ready to fly?


...and many more!

Learn more about this beautiful city! Watch the video produced by the Calbayog City Tourism Office here:

Which part of Calbayog City are you most excited to visit? Share it down in the comments below, or write about it here on!

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