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Take A Trip On The Wild Side: 5 Places To Find Your Spirit Animal

Zambales, Davao Oriental, Davao City, Sultan Kudarat, Sorsogon

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Choose Philippines | Jan 30, 2018

The Philippines is home to thousands of beautiful species for both flora and fauna. In fact, these species are found in some of the most breathtaking spots in the country. 

Studies have shown that interacting with animals can both reduce and lessen your heart rate, depending on which animal you’re interacting with. Obviously, if you’re relaxing with camels in a zoo, your heart will be at ease. But if you’re swimming for your life beside one of the biggest—yet gentlest—sharks in existence, your heart might jump a little. However, regardless of what animal you’re trifling with, the mere fact that you’re there is enough to give you feelings of elation and peace. Here are our suggestions for finding your place back in nature:

Davao Oriental

The land of the current President of the Philippines also happens to be a prime destination for divers and snorkelers looking for the elusive and endangered Dugong. If you're lucky, these sea cows might just approach you to say hello.


Davao Crocodile Park

If your idea of a relaxing massage is to get it from a massive boa, then you're in luck: the Davao Crocodile farm offers just that, plus a multitude of other fun animal-centric activities.


Zoobic Safari

Born and raised in captivity, these tigers are used to seeing humans. However, if you're in a tiny capsule, precariously dangling above their enclosure, they might just think you're another piece of meat, and react accordingly. Sounds exciting, right?


Baras Bird Sanctuary

Before it became the sanctuary it is today, Baras was actually a farm that produced spices. However, after realizing how important it was for these birds to have a haven to call their own, farm owner Mr. Rey Malana eventually caved and turned his farmland into a sanctuary for migratory birds. You can interact with these birds for just 20 Pesos.


Donsol, Sorsogon

Unlike other parts of the Philippines, the people of Sorsogon actually respect the butanding and revere them as creatures to be protected, not exploited. You won't be able to swim as close to them, but at least, you know full well they're being taken care of.

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