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LOOK: "Bagani" Shoot Location Revealed: Where In The Philippines?

Ilocos Norte

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Choose Philippines | Mar 09, 2018

This March, ABS-CBN released a new fantaserye that centered around five tribes, set in a magical and fantastical world different from our own. These tribes were described based on where their homes were located: the jungle-dwellers were named “taga-gubat” while those who lived in the desert were simply named “taga-disyerto.”

Though this new teleserye was entirely fictitious, much of it was grounded in reality, with many of the scenes being shot in actual locations found in the Philippines. In fact, Ilocos Norte, where majority of the desert scenes were filmed in, has recently become a new tourist attraction because of the launch of “Bagani.”

The desert used in the teleserye is located in Suba, Paoay and is one of the few deserts found in the Philippines, which is primarily covered in beaches in dense forests. Suba is dotted with sand dunes, and many tourists come here to try sandboarding, wherein you use a piece of wood or fiberglass and slide down the many dunes found in Suba. However, for those simply looking for a way to traverse and see the desert, tour agencies offer rides on ATVs or 4 x 4 vehicles.

Paoay Sand Dunes, A Thrilling Ride!

Paoay’s sand dunes has become popular partly due to the many films shot here, such as “Himala," "Ang Panday," "Temptation Island,” and even some international flicks such as "Born on the Fourth of July." Its popularity nowadays is no doubt because of these blockbuster hits, and will only get better because of Bagani.

Watch the episode featuring the sand dunes here:

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