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Dive Into This Truly Breathtaking Marine Sanctuary


Daryl Orillo
Daryl Orillo | May 30, 2018

Batangas, because of its many natural resources, is a favorite among budget travelers. There are so many sites to dive and trek in that it's always been part of any seasoned traveler's itinerary. However, there is one destination that stands out, and that's the Bus Stop Marine Sanctuary, located in San Pablo, Bauan, Batangas.

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This sanctary is located in the Bauan cove which by itself already has abundant oceanic resources. Oftentimes, there are schools of Parrotfish, Jacks, Mackerel, Clownfish, and many more. Also, albeit more rarely, the cove is often a spot where dolphins come to play in the morning, as well as being a place where sea turtles sometimes lay their eggs in.

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For the more adventurous however, activities in the marine sanctuary include snorkeling, free diving (of course!), and scuba diving. This is the best site to witness so many fish, as well as experience firsthand the beauty of ocean life. There are other resorts in the area that can accomodate you for over night or even just day tours. To witness the beauty of this sanctuary, watch the video above from BakasyunNiJuan channel!

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