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MAD Travel: Choose Adventures That Matter in Zambales


Angelica Valdez
Angelica Valdez | Jun 07, 2018
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"Through meeting people whom we wouldn’t normally encounter in our daily lives, we can develop greater empathy towards those who were born into less fortunate circumstances, learn about their culture, and find hope and inspiration in their strength." -MAD Travel

Venturing off the beaten track

Two decades ago, a huge volcanic eruption changed the lives of thousands of people whose ways of life have never been the same.


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MAD Travel, an eco-tour group brought in tourism in Zambales with the help of the San Felipe LGU and the Circle Hostel. The group has provided funds for the community to build a tree nursery, construct village infrastructures, and procure carabaos. Through the tour activities and guests’ volunteer work, members of the community are also given the chance to earn by assigning them employable tasks, uplifting not just their financial capacity but also their human dignity. 

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"We go MAD because we believe that travel has the potential to change perspectives and inspire us to build a kinder, fairer world."- MAD Travel

Here's what to expect  when you join MAD Travel's unique and authentic tours to appreciate the deep traditions and the inspiring stories of the Aeta people.

1. Trek Through Volcanic Ash and Meet The Tribe

Trek through volcanic ash and cross fresh rivers, meet an indigenous tribe, and help rebuild a rainforest all in the Tribes and Treks Experience in Zambales.


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2.  Discover the Aeta Culture in Yangil Village

Arrive in the Yangil community and learn about their food, dance, music, archery, and herbal medicine.

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2. Help rebuild a 3,000 Hectare Rainforest

Fight climate change by rebuilding a rainforest that will provide food, medicine, and sustainable income for the Aeta community.


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The Tribes and Treks project is a collaboration among MAD Travel, The Circle Hostel, and the San Felipe LGU. #tribesandtreks #adventuresthatmatter

To know more about the tours, visit: The MAD Travel Site


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