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Paragliding in Carmona


Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | Apr 18, 2013

I always had that dream of flying. Ever since I saw Peter Pan flying over Wendy’s room, I imagined the freedom that comes with it.

Now a new sport is giving us a chance to make this dream come true, without any aid of Tinkerbell's fairy dust. Paragliding is slowly making its way into the adventurous Filipino’s consciousness and can now be experienced in Carmona, Cavite.

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive sport that uses a foot launched glider aircraft that relies only on wind conditions. Despite it not having an engine, a paraglider’s flight can last for hours and can conquer kilometers.

Unlike other sports, the equipment used for paragliding can be fitted in a backpack. It is easily transported which is important because the sport requires the player to trek up a hill to the launching pad. Or, make sure to bring a 4x4 ride to Carmona Hills for the steep ride.

Carmona, Cavite is considered perfect spot for this sport because of the vast ridges and cliffs needed for the foot launch.

According to professional paragliders, Paragliding is an easy sport to learn. It is just like riding a bike, when you steer the special steering lines, it directs you to where you want to go. A beginner can start with a tandem flight with a professional instructor dedicated to the sport. This is perfect for beginners so they can first get the hang of it and decide if the sport is for them.

If one decides to pursue the sport, the Philippine Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association in Carmona offer a complete training course to help acquire flight qualifications and license.

With your harness and helmet in place, a few running steps can launch you into the wilderness of the above. The adrenaline rush is euphoric while the wind directs you to the skies.

Once you take flight, congratulations are in order. You are now flying, and have conquered a childhood dream.

Location: Carmona Ridge, Carmona, Cavite, 45minutes South of Manila

For Introduction Tandem Paragliding

Fee: 3500php ($85)

Flying not guaranteed, sport is dependent to wind condition

Advanced Course

Pilot Course (5-10 days)

$700 plus $50 for certification card

Contact Person: PPHGA President Buko Raymond (Globe) 09178167820

With reports from: ABS-CBN TVP Southern Tagalog Carolyn Bonquin

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