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Awesome Zipline @ Camp Sabros

Davao del Sur

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Oct 21, 2013

Before zipline sites sprouted all over, it was the ziplines at Camp Sabros that provided for the rush and thrill of the ride. It’s setting of pine groves with the cool breeze and crisp mountain air of Kapatagan, Davao del Sur Province, added beauty to the adventure.

Many “zippers” and zip rides after in different locations, I still come back to Camp Sabros not just to zip but to commune with nature. And the rides keep getting longer and higher, too!

I have tried the 280-meter ride at 180 feet, then the 380 and 400-meter-ride, still at 180 feet. Just recently, I rode the 820 meter ride at 80 meters high complete with raindrops pelting my face (it was raining! But I WANTED TO RIDE).

Your blood rushes through, your heart beats wildly but the ride is awesome! You may want to do it over and over again as I did.

All the ziplining made me hungry, so off I go to the restaurant where the lomi (flat fat noodle soup) is delicious. While it fills up your tummy, it also warms you for the cool mountain air.

Staying overnight was a tempting option. Camp Sabros’ cottages afford breath taking views of the mountains amidst lush pine trees.

Cottage rates start from Php1,800 to Php2,000 per night.

Or you can pitch camp on its grounds.

What To Expect and What To Bring:

Bring a jacket. It can be very cold up there especially when it rains. Include a raincoat.

Wear comfortable clothes that would shield you against the cold air.

Your shoes have to be made of sturdy stuff. The walk up to the camp can be slippery.

If the camp vehicle is available, you’re in luck. If not, ride the horse ?

When you zip, strap on everything tightly or leave them with your friends or the staff. You wouldn’t want to “donate” your stuff 180 feet below or from 80 meters high.

Go ahead, leave your worries behind and soar!

Food is available at the restaurant. The lomi is highly recommended ?

You may want to buy fresh vegetables from stands at the camp’s entrance. The fresh vegetables are products of Kapatagan farmers.

For more information on Camp Sabros, call (082)284-0579/0908-8933498/0922-8789751/0920-8750015


PAL and other major airlines have daily flights to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.

Camp Sabros is 2 to 3 hours away from Davao City. It is located in Sitio Barras, Barangay Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur.

If you’re going on a private vehicle from Davao City, go south to Digos City and take the right road leading to Kidapawan. There’s a big sign saying “This Way to Kapatagan”. The checkpoint in Sitio Barras leads to the camp’s gates.

It is best to bring a 4 x 4 vehicle to go up the camp especially when it rains. On any sunny day, any vehicle would do only up to the camp’s gates at the checkpoint.

If you’re commuting, take a bus from the Ecoland Terminal for Digos City. Tricycles will take you to the “old” Digos terminal where the vans are for Camp Sabros.

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