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Get the Vibe of GenSan's Fish Port

Berniemack Arelláno
Berniemack Arelláno | Aug 08, 2013

General Santos City Fish Port is located 15 kilometers south of downtown GenSan, just right at the coast of Sarangani Bay. It was constructed with the aid of the Japanese (the biggest importer of tuna from GenSan) to construct what will be one of Philippines' most modern and largest port devoted to fisheries.

Every early morning, large fishing bancas (boats) unload their catch from the Pacific and Celebes Seas (sometimes it may take them days or months to be in the middle of the sea) in the Fish Port. Loads of cargadores (or carriers) of tuna, sometimes as big as a man, is unloaded, weighed, and graded in Market 1 of the Fish Port. It is the best time to watch, observe, and even appreciate how the Generals have moved its once "backwater country" into one of Philippines' premiere cities.

Take note though that even though it is a fish port and a market, the authorities here promote a high standard of cleanliness and safety--to comply with the international standards necessary for exporting tuna to the world. That is why, when you go there, no shorts allowed--and you got to wear some boots, and take a foot bath before entering.

Unloading tuna occurs every early morning. By around 8AM, the people are wrapping up their day's activity. By 10AM, you'll only see few. The tuna that was unloaded at GenSan Fish Port that morning might be in the dinner plats of Tokyo and Osaka by that very evening!

For more details on how to get there and contact the Fish Port authorities for the tour, click the link below: Gen San Fish Port

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