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Kaida Contemporary Brings Art in Chaos

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Choose Philippines | May 28, 2015
Kaida Contemporary Brings Art in Chaos

Kaida Contemporary presents Aligned, recent works by Pinggot Zulueta and Demosthenes Campos. The exhibit will run until June 9.

It introduces multilayered abstract paintings showcased side by side with mixed media pieces featuring found objects, toys, and string. The play in lines, colors, and texture bound together by yarn, ties, spray paint, text collages and studs provide stable grounding for the otherwise chaotic mix.

As Zulueta and Campos bring forth a whole gamut of concepts from freedom and unpredictability to degradation and the constant struggle of an artist to bridge the divide, they seek the audience's attention and point them towards realities that exist beyond the canvas, beyond the two-dimensional limitations of a piece of paper.

Kaida Contemporary is located at 45 Scout Madriñan St., South Triangle, Quezon City.

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