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Kaida Contemporary Fills in Gap through Art

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Aug 13, 2015
Kaida Contemporary Fills in Gap through Art

The group exhibition Panakip Butas features numerous small-scale, wall bound works that explore and celebrate exhaustion and perpetual resuscitation through different approaches in recycling and re-appropriation. The titular term could literally mean 'gap filler' or a patch up solution to a deep problem. Hence, the artists are interested in producing artworks that attempt to fill in or fall into the abysmal gaps between notions like value and originality, sense and publicity, necessity and possibility.

The featured artists are Alden Santiago, Gino Javier, Marija Vicente, Mark Sanchez, Mity dela Peña, Tanya Villanueva

Alden Santiago
Title: "TTYSWYDHYG 03"
Medium: laminated wood, metal, Enamel, oil, plastic, dirt, hair

Panakip Butas is on show until August 29.

Kaida Contemporary is located at 45 Scout Madriñan St., South Triangle, Quezon City.

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