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Nightlife: Bar hoping at BF Paranaque and how I love college

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Joma Labayen | Jul 08, 2013

Quoting Asher Roth’s boozing anthem I LOVE COLLEGE; bar hope-ing in BF is much like a big college party. Your extra allowance of let’s say P1000.00 will get you a long way to get smashed or even buzzed. The Aguirre Avenue in BF Paranaque is where steady “kanto inuman tambay” meets frat house wild nights.

From El Grande Street to President’s Ave, there are at least a handful of solid hang outs where in anyone can either choose to chill with a laid back vibe or get really wasted. These 8 spots are the most frequented bars in the infamous BF strip. Here is a brief review of each bar in geographical order from the El Grande corner going towards President’s Avenue.

TIDES Bar and Restaurant

Tides is known to be one of the original drinking spots in BF, the restaurant offers different kinds of mixed drinks and bar chow. Regulars usually order sizzling hotdogs and their tasty chicken tenders. The “hurricane” as they call it is one of their best selling mixed drink. The BF Homes branch of Tides is said to be the first Tides bar in the country. To date, there are already branches in Quezon City and also in Tagaytay.

Le Souk

Just right in front of TIDES is another bar called Le Souk. It offers reasonable Mediterranean inspired cuisine. If you are craving for genuine tasting kebabs, this is the place for you. Aside from the kebabs and beriani rice, the main best-selling dish here are the Greek Mojos. It’s made up of potatoes and nacho salad toppings. They have signature mojitos and mixed drinks too, I heard that Le Souk and TIDES have a common owner, so if you want to order food from TIDES, the servers will get your cross order from them. Plus they have a really friendly staff.

Central BBQ Boy Grill

Among the bars in the area, Central is the originator of laid back yet refined “kanto inuman tambay”. It was originally located at an eskinita somewhere in BF near a carwash. It started out as this really compact area where common friends meet to get drunk. Many have served the famous “BOY BASTOS” cocktail, but Central perfected the mix and still remains as their top-selling specialty. Aside from the affordable drinks that could get you easily hammered, the place also serves street foods. They have isaw, isol and of course BBQ.


If you thought that the sound system in Central is booming, then you are wrong. Armada is located very near from Central. It is literally a couple steps away. Armada fused the chill bar vibe with club music roaring. It’s like going to a dance club, yet there are chairs and tables everywhere. It may be the widest drinking area in the BF strip.

Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra is one of the really “chill” places in the area. When you just want to have that glass of whiskey and feel Mafioso; this is the place for you. It’s interior is styled as a mafia boss’ hideout. This is where grown men usually drink. Cosa also serves fine dining meals with sensible prices. The Italian style pizzas here are really delectable and if you have a date, they’d think of you as a classy grown man.

Tavern Asia

Tav, as regulars call it has the atmosphere like the sitcom Cheers. It’s a place where everyone knows your name. This is where college parties meets refined drinking. Tav attracts the “best” in BF. From college kids mastering the art of beer pong to the known southern socialites just stepping away from the congested club scene. It’s not really the cuisine or the affordable drinks that draws the customers, it’s really the vibe, and every night is an event at Tav. If you’re around the area, you better check them out as anything could happen there. Plus they have the friendliest staff of servers.


This is a newly relocated bar in BF. Just like Tav, they also allow customers play beer pong. The one thing distinct in Vapor is that they serve Hookah to guests. The place is styled with an Indian inspired interior. You’d think you are in the set of Arabian nights when you’re drinking there. Unfortunately they don’t have a flying magic carpet to complete the experience.

Mulligan’s Irish Pub

Aside from the regular Filipino drinkers, there are also quite a number of foreigners in the area. The older chunk of these customers just wants to drink. They don’t need any gimmick or promo, they just want to drink. It is purely a pub. Regulars here commonly drink local draft beer and/or imported beers. They also serve a beer tower replacing the typical bucket of beer. If BF is the party university belt, then this is the faculty lounge. There are a couple of TV Screens in Mulligan’s where in guests can watch different sports channels.

Getting drunk really is a past time here in the south area of Manila. Where you choose to get drunk depends on your mood really. Enrollment is always open here at BF Party University belt. Though, much like college rules; BF has a strict compliance code that most bars close at 2am. Still, who doesn’t love college?

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