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WWF X Reef ‘Free the Sea Movement’: Restore and Reconnect with Nature in La Union

La Union

Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Sep 29, 2016
For the 30th Annual International Coastal Clean Up, Reef in support of WWF, organized an event called “Free the Sea Movement” in Urbiztondo, La Union. This partnership aims to direct the cooperative efforts of the locals in La Union and people from the media to help protect the Philippine seas. 

On September 24, 2016, Choose Philippines along with other media partners, went to La Union to support this advocacy. Participants of the event also included travel bloggers, eco-lovers, and eco-warriors who are willing to be part of the collective in preserving the pristine state of our tropical seas. 

Photo from Reef Philippines FB page

The groups were able to gather 14 kilograms of non-biodegradble materials that are 600 in pieces, all in all, plus 40 kilograms of biodegrable materials that are 1,040 pieces of trash. These include plastics, cigarette butts, beer bottles, softdrink cans, seaweeds, and pieces of wood. This movement is part of the collective effort of the people around the world to preserve and protect the oceans and its marine life. 

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Photo from Reef Philippines FB Page



After the costal clean up, participants of the event was able to enjoy a night party that includes performances from David and Goliath and beats from DJ Gelo & DJ Scott.
Photo from Reef Philippines FB page
Photo from Reef Philippines FB page
Photo from Reef Philippines FB page
It is no secret that our lives are intertwined to that of the ocean as we are all part of the ecosystem. What we do to protect or destroy it, directly affects us. So it is imperative that we in Choose Philippines, support this kind of effort. We encourage you, travelers and adventurers, to do the same and do your part in protecting our environment.
Every single trash pulled out of the ocean is another marine life saved. Your role is significant and essential so that the next generation would be able to savor what we have now. We applaud Reef and WWF for leading us in restoring and reconnecting with nature!

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