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Isang Harding Papel: A Martial Law Musical for Kids

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Choose Philippines | Oct 22, 2016
Isang Harding Papel: A Martial Law Musical for Kids

For the past decade, theater and film in the Philippines have boldly revolutionized itself into showing more raw and relevant media to its audience. More plots have at its center the realistic events happening in daily life that more people can relate to. This could perhaps be considered a movement towards pushing for a more informed and socially involved populace. 

This movement has not become limited to mainstream or independent film and theater groups. In fact, this has made its way to some educational institutions who share the same goal of informing and reminding the public of our rich history.

For ten years now, the Raya School Manila has produced plays that showcase the creative and fun stories of locally published books. Each play shows unique themes on values and social awareness. It also serves as an opportunity for the students to explore their creative spirits and have a deeper understanding of the themes in focus. 

This year, Raya aims to strike a socio-cultural chord. Entitled Isang Harding Papel, this year’s play is adapted from multi-awarded children’s author Augie Rivera’s children’s book of the same name, published in 2014. It was written for stage by award-winning writer Nanoy Rafael with original music by Raya teacher Thea Tolentino. The story revolves around a young girl who grew up in the time of Martial Law in the Philippines and was separated from her mother due to unfavorable circumstances. 

The story will also remind people of iconic, and sometimes questionable, objects and themes during Martial Law like the nutribun--a supposedly nutritious bread made with undetermined ingredients, given out to public school children. Most importantly, it seeks to make its audience remember that the fight once fought will forever be remembered and shall continue on as long as we live to love and protect our country.

The play shall be staged on October 29, 2016, 10AM, at the Marian Auditorium of  Miriam College. For ticket inquiries, you may send a text message to 09088872553.

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