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How Does a 'Surfer on a Wave' Promote Tourism in Gubat, Sorsogon?


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Oct 27, 2016

When one thinks of Sorsogon, typically, what comes into mind is the ‘gentle giants’ of the town of Donsol. For years now, this province has been mainly well-known to be a place where one could swim with the whale sharks or ‘butanding’. But this is about to change as the local government unit aims to promote tourism in the province. 

Take for one, the rise of the surfing culture in the community of the quiet town of Gubat in Sorsogon. Through the efforts of the Gubat Sorsogon’s Surfing Association (GSSA) in partnership with the local government, the Buenavista Beach is slowly catching up to finally be in the surf map of the Philippines. 

Lunad Sa Balod, which means ‘surfer on a wave’ in Sorsoganon dialect, is in its second year of gathering sufers all around the Philippines for a surfing competition. This event (Lunad sa Balod 2016) is one of the most well-represented surfing competition in the Philippines, with delegates coming from Catanduanes, Legazpi City, Daet, Camarines Norte, Zambales (Pundaquit, Liwliwa, and Crystal Beach), La Union, Baler, Samar (Catarman, Guian, Borongan), Leyte, Lanuza, Siargao Island and Sorsogon. 

Results of Lunad sa Balod 2016

1.    Kahea Namoro (Baler)
2.    Hedrick Vargas (Dulag, Leyte)
3.    Lord Caralinan (Liwliwa, Zambales)
4.    Yrron Estrellado (Gubat, Sorsogon)

1.    Vea Estrellado (Gubat, Sorsogon)
2.    Debbie Gumanoy (Lanuza)
3.    Pia Lopez (Gubat, Sorsogon)
4.    Jamaica Salceda (Dulag, Leyte)

1.    Vea Estrellado (Gubat, Sorsogon)
2.    Ine Tena (Baler)
3.    Pia Lopez (Gubat, Sorsogon)
4.    Debbie Gumanoy (Lanuza)

1.    Remar Magaluna (Siargao)
2.    Edwardo Alciso (Siargao)
3.    Mark Anthony Mabute (Gubat, Sorsogon)
4.    Paul Oracay (Borongan, Eastern Samar)

1.    Roger Casugay (La Union)
2.    Denpir Garcia (Gubat, Sorsogon)
3.    Jerome Tapec (Liwliwa, Zambales)
4.    Reynald "Kulot" Liwarin (Pundaquit, Zambales)

1 - Neil Sanchez (Baler)
2 - Onyo Oclares (Daet)
3 - Ricky Rosel (Samar)
4 - Roger Casugay (La Union)

This effort is expected to give the locals the chance of gaining livelihood via the expected tourism that the town will attract and help them build their lives around the waters they have took care of for years. Not only that, the GSSA has been teaching kids of Gubat how to surf and, since then, has seen improvement in their lives. The organization encourages these kids to continue and excel with their academic performances before they are allowed to surf with the instructors of GSSA. 

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Yrron Estrelladoo (Gubat, Sorsogon)

Choose Philippines went to Gubat Sorsogon last October 21-23 and witnessed the beauty that is found in the community and culture these surfers have built. They are, as what they call, a ‘family’ and this event is a culmination of that: surfing, used as a tool to build “community.”

So, what are you waiting for? Pack those bags and visit the town of Gubat and feel the authenticity the place exudes. 

How to go there?

  • There are local flights from Manila to Legazpi City.
  • Bus lines have direct trips from Manila to Legazpi City. (10 hours)
  • From the central terminal in Legazpi City, public vans ply the Legaspi-Sorsogon Route. (2 hours)
  • RSL Bus Lines have direct trips from Cubao to Gubat, Sorsogon. (12 hours)

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