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The Best of the Best: 2016 Saw Pinoys Create Some of the Most Amazing Films Ever Made

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Choose Philippines | Nov 25, 2016
The Best of the Best: 2016 Saw Pinoys Create Some of the Most Amazing Films Ever Made

The Filipino is no stranger to being described as a world-class act. In fact, many Filipinos over the years have been lauded for their talents in the arts, science, and other fields.

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Last November 20, that world-class talent was once again showcased at the Cinema One Originals Festival awards night held at the Dolphy Theatre. The event was dotted with iconic faces in the film industry, from the actors and actresses that bring characters to life onscreen, to the directors and producers that make it happen in the first place. In particular, the winner for Best Actress was Jasmine Curtis-Smith, playing the role of a lesbian in love with her best friend in the film “Baka Bukas.” Holding back tears, she thanked the entire LGBT+ community as she graciously accepted the award, and dedicated her win to the entire community that was so supportive of her role.

You can find the full list of winners here.

Cinema One also paid tribute to filmmakers that put the Philippines in the map for their award-winning movies. These awards and winners prove that 2016 was perhaps one of the best years in the Filipino film industry: March 2016 saw Lav Diaz win the Alfred Bauer Prize at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival for his work on directing “Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis,” starring Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz. Just a few months later in September 2016, Lav Diaz won another prestigious award—the Venice Golden Lion—for his work on “Ang Babaeng Humayo,” starring Ms. Charo Santos. 

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But even for directors much younger than Lav Diaz, talent still abound: Brillante Mendoza, who first competed in the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2013, recently joined the prestigious film fest again this year, being one of the five entries made by Filipino filmmakers. Jun Lana’s “Die Beautiful,” Ivan Andrew Payawal’s “I America,” Lav Diaz’s “Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis,” Mikhail Red’s “Birdshot,” and Brillante Mendoza’s “Shiniuma” were all films made by Filipinos, and had easily found their way at the 29th TIFF this year. In particular, “Birdshot,” directed by Mikhail Red, a 22-year old filmmaker, won a Film Institute Production Grant, as well as a CJ Entertainment Award in the Busan Film Festival’s ASIAN PROJECT MARKET, held in South Korea.

It goes to show that Filipinos, once they have sufficient resources, can easily craft stories that are visually-stunning, compelling, and most importantly, relevant to humanity.

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