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Choose Philippines Launches Redesigned Website & New Features

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Dec 08, 2016

In the recently concluded Choose Philippines Awards Night, everything beautiful about the Philippines was celebrated— from out of the 18 regions, more than 81 provinces, about a 100 million population, and approximately 7107 islands, the best of the bests were acclaimed and given honor.

Angeline Quinto performs at the Choose Philippines Awards Night

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Choose Philippines Awards is an event that aims to give wanderers all around the world the many reasons to choose the Philipines.

From wondrous beaches and breathtaking mountains, to unforgettable festivals and awe-inspiring people, there’s just an endless list of the reasons why we continually choose the Philippines. 

On its 5th year anniversary, Choose Philippines launched its newest features such as predictive search function, directory of provinces, and a “Market Page”, making it easier for users to write their journeys.

Choose Philippines website ultimately provides a place where meaningful travels are shared. 

ABS-CBN Chief Digital Officer Donald Lim 

“We believe in one mission and vision for the website. We said that, we believe that the job of marketing the Philippines is not confined through the efforts of the Department of Tourism and the LGU, it is the job of every Filipino,” said ABS-CBN Chief Digital Officer Donald Lim in his opening remarks.

During the awards night, Chief Digital Officer Donald Lim encourages travelers, tourism officials, and local government units to unite as one in the efforts to market the Philippines to the world.

He adds, “As the world becomes more global, we have to hold to our share in marketing the Philippines. Right now, more than ever, we have to make sure that given the growth and rise of travel tourism, of economies around the world, it’s really our challenge to market the Philippines.”

As he shared the Choose Philippines manifesto that is held authentic since its was established 5 year ago, he ends his speech with, “Ang laki ng dependency ng success ng isang bansa sa tourism eh (The success of a country lies dependent on its tourism). So we really hope that all of you help us in this endeavor.”

Visit and help us let the whole world know how is it truly a paradise by sharing your meaningful experiences in your journeys.

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