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Look: This Quiet Town In Montevista Has Its Own Disneyland

Compostela Valley

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jan 04, 2017
Look: This Quiet Town In Montevista Has Its Own Disneyland

Back in 1999, the local government of the municipality of Montevista in Compostela Valley lit up their town plaza for the people’s enjoyment. It was a simple and humble arrangement, starting out with just a few light installations around the municipal hall and the lamp posts.

Due to the remoteness of the locality, people quickly flocked to the hall and enjoyed the lights display, it being a feat not often experienced in their quiet part of the Philippines. However, eventually, inspired by the people's reaction towards the display, the Sangguniang Bayan decided to ordinate the display, declaring the annual lights show into Diwanag Festival in 2003.

Diwanag was coined from “Diwa Nga Masanag” or anything that captures the spirit or essence of Montevista’s unity in tiny glimmering lights that sparkles with joy, friendship, and goodwill. 

Every year since 2003 had a different theme, and last 2016 was the year that Diwanag went Disneyland.

There were 29 competing installations, and it was broken into 3 categories: 20 from participating Barangays, 5 trees from schools, and 4 from different offices. Together with the competing structures were a hundred other light displays by the local government making it into a sparkling, twinkling, wonderland at night.

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Should you have seen it, you would have marveled at the creativity behind every installation as different materials like indigenous, recycled and re-used pieces made up the structures. 


In fact, you could have had your photos taken at the Beauty and the Beast’s castle or Elsa’s Frozen Fortress. Or walk under a tunnel of glimmering lights or flowery arches. Every installation was a wonderful background for your photos.

Since it was lit up last December 17, more than 50,000 visitors have wandered towards the lights display, and who knows how many motorists have stopped in awe at the lights as they pass through Montevista?

How to get there:

Montevista in Compostela Valley is more than two hours land travel from Davao City.

Major airlines fly daily from Davao City from Manila and Cebu.


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