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Philippines' Top Art School Showcases Works Of Young Talented Writers

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Rae Rival
Rae Rival | Mar 15, 2017

The Philippine High School for the Arts recently launched its latest titles last Saturday, March 11 at the National Museum Auditorium.

“Emla & Bugan” is the first graphic novel to be published by the school. The work is based on the Kalinga epic Ullalim. It is written and illustrated by Ma-i Entico, a Grade 10 Creative Writing scholar.

According to Carlo Vergara, creator of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah and Entico’s mentor for the book, “Ma-I has talent. That is undeniable. I had told her that if she’d spend a few more years solidifying and enhancing her artistic voice in both writing and illustration, she could start getting published professionally even before she graduated college... It’s in her second story where you see the kind of power her magic wants to wield. There is innocence and playfulness and character in her imagery that is of a level most artists her age still struggle to find.”

“this fossil of a mind” is a book of poems by Amber Garma. “Writing is a fossilization process in its own right. Every writer born into any time or place or people sort of pick up the responsibility of making it all real on paper.”

Professor J. Neil Garcia mentored and guided the creation of this collection, “Again and again, these poems present us with the portrait of a sensitive young person who burns with the passion to engage with and understand her world. In my opinion, it’s this ethical imperative—altogether astonishing—that best distinguishes these lyrics: 

everywhere light touches, there are night children

awake like animal eyes at the first drop of hot

rain, waiting as wolves do, for something

terrible, something strange, where there are

forests for forgetting, there are night children... 

Here, the fugitive moment is ambered into song, through which reality—warts and all—is prismed, adamantly, into modicums of Beauty. Heartened by this vision, and in imitation of its generous giver, the reader may hopefully come away from this debut collection desiring only the world’s deepest and most enduring good.”

The program started at 2:00 in the afternoon where audience witnessed a set of performances based on the books. The event was open to the public.

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