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Award-Winning Filipina Photographer Captures Beauty & Nostalgia Of Manila

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Choose Philippines | Apr 17, 2017
Award-Winning Filipina Photographer Captures Beauty & Nostalgia Of Manila

Rita Marie, a photographer born and based in Manila, considers 2006 to be the first year she considered herself a professional photographer: it was the year when she landed a job as an Official Sports Photographer for the York University in Toronto, Canada. According to her, it was at this point that she realized that her passion for her craft was enough to sustain her financially, and eventually delved into other aspects and genres of photography: from portraits, to beauty, to fashion. 

Rita Marie, taken from her website,

Some of her recent subjects include Pia Wurtzbach and Gabbi Garcia, as well as other international models and faces.

Pia Wurtzbach; image taken from Rita Marie's LinkedIn profile

Several years following her first foray into the world of professional photography, she is now a published and four-time award winning photographer, and is about to hold her own exhibit this coming April 20, 2017. In this exhibit, Rita Marie declares her vulnerability. Each photograph serves as a reflective letter that states discovered truth. A show that was 10 years in the making reveals growth in many aspects of her individuality and her artistry. It was during her conscious state of imaginative contemplations that all her work was transformed into reality, giving this exhibit the title "Lucid Dreaming."
The photos were taken in New York, Toronto and Manila and they are intertwined with paintings from various artists whose work was drawn to her soul. The photos represent her reality while the paintings represent the interconnectedness of her imagination and inner world to others. In a way, one can view each work as a global endeavor aiming to showcase inspired beauty with notes of peace.

Taken from the event's Facebook page

Taken as a whole, the show is a story about self-discovery, with a study in beauty, melancholy, nostalgia, growing pains, feminine strength and subtle joy from within. The kind of joy that illuminates but is not necessarily reflected through a smile. 
The exhibit will run from April 20 - May 20, 2017. Learn more about the exhibit here.

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