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Happiness Is A Pearl: Hold Your Breath For Love The Second Time Around

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Choose Philippines | Aug 25, 2017

Rody Vera’s masterpiece “Happiness Is A Pearl” has found a new home in a very unassuming venue at the penthouse of the old West Venue Bldg in West Avenue, Quezon City. 

On its second run, the play directed by Aliw Awards nominee, Paul Jake Paule, revolves around the triangular love story of Kenji, Mari, and Maria. 

Kenji, a Japanese Hosto with a pearl inserted under the skin of his penis, has been the object of desire by two desperately in love women: Mari and Maria. The conflict will arise when Kenji leaves Mari, a rich Japanese woman turned prostitute, for a Filipina entertainer, Maria. 

The pleasure in "Happiness Is A Pearl" is probably generated by how the actors, with their big movements (dancing the tango), and overwhelming emotions, were all scaled to fit a very small stage.  

The actors portraying Kenjie have big shoes to fill— they have to exude sensuality and innocence, and that actually became the challenge for each of them. Meanwhile, the rivalry, the tension, and the contrast between Mari and Maria is done artistitically, and if only for that, it's worth rediscovering this pearl. 

The new set of actors breathing life to each character makes it actually interesting for audience to come and see the other shows. 

At the end of the play, one will be left with the question: How willing are you to let go of that little and only source of happiness?

The show runs from August 25 to September 17, 2017. 

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