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Lunad Sa Balod: Come Ride In The Waves In This Weeklong Celebration In Sorsogon


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Choose Philippines | Oct 19, 2017

Conducted in partnership with Gubat Sorsogon Surfriders Association (GSSA), Lunad sa Balod is a national surfing competition participated by the best surfers from all over the Philippines, both competing nationally and internationally.

The efforts of GSSA in promoting Sorsogon's beauty through surf has been truly remarkable: because of their thrust of showcasing the hidden gems of the province, they were able to create new means of livelihood for their constituents, as well as enriching the lives of children by creating programs that instill the values of education, environmental stewardship, and athleticism. In fact, GSSA has produced four national surfing champions—including the youngest female national surfing champion in the Philippines—two regional surfing champions, and many more adults and children that have become truly enamored with the ocean and its majestic waves.

The third iteration of Lunad sa Balod will be happening this October 20-22 at the Buenavista Surf Camp in Gubat, Sorsogon, and will have six surf categories: Men’s Shortboard Open, Women’s Shortboard Open, Men’s Longboard Open, Women’s Longboard Open, Juniors’ Shortboard, and Grommets’ Shortboard. However, the three-day event will be filled to the brim with fun events revolving around surf and the ocean:


Should you be interested in attending this wonderful event of all things surf, contact GSSA via 0920-908-5264 or 0920-902-5502.

The increasing popularity of surfing will only bring more and more people to Sorsogon, and GSSA aims to always use this opportunity to better the lives of the people—surfers and non-surfers—that call Gubat, Sorsogon home.

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