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The Hotdog Experience

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Aug 29, 2013

Six maverick artists interpreting the the playful lyrics of Hotdog's Dennis Garcia on canvas.


Who says women artists mostly look like manangs?

Myra Mendoza-Portillo


Dennis Magdamo puts to good use all the disciplines he acquired from years of working in multinational ad agencies.


Nelson Cruz, an expat Creative Director for years, he now directs TVCs and the yaya’s of his grand kids.


Bong Pedro his day job as an ad agency creative director tones Bong’s mental abs.


Fernando Modesto was “on loan” to Indonesia for almost 20 years… But he’s back to stay.


The most awaited art/music event of the year. Happening this Oct. 4-14 at Art Galileia (across NBC Tent)

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