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Here's How Filipino Talents Can Kickstart Their International Fashion Brand!

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Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | Sep 16, 2019

While Filipino fashion designers have already made their mark on an international scape, global engagement and creativity will contribute to the expansion of the Philippine fashion industry. There is no better way to fuel this growth than to empower the current workforce with broader knowledge and skills. 

Co-presented by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through its agency The Philippine Training Trade Center (PTTC) and Fashion Design Council of the Philippines, the PHx Fashion Conference is an initiative created to bring individuals in the Philippine fashion industry together for a series of discussions and activities regarding the opportunities and information on global fashion distribution. Set on 11-14 November at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City, these discussions aim to enlighten the attendees about breaking into international areas of the industry, particularly in the Japan market. 

PHx Fashion Conference project adviser, speaker, fashion consultant, and former model Teresa Ortiz-Matera shares that the fashion industry in Japan is one that is surely to look up to and learn from, as one of the most important and relevant markets globally. “The Japanese fashion industry turns over sales of approximately US$143 billion. It’s one of the most exciting and most important fashion markets in the world,” she relates.

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Included in the upcoming conference’s program are exciting and informative activities such as panel discussions about finding inspiration in fashion & lifestyle business, and discourse in entering a “more engaged and equipped fashion community.” Other inspirational and engaging activities for the attendees in the event include portfolio reviews with the event’s special guests, lifestyle workshops dedicated to aid fashion & lifestyle businesses and professionals, and also a skills and trade fair for those who would like to go around the event and create connections with their fellow practitioners and enthusiasts of the art of fashion.

Among the lineup of notable figures are H30 Fashion Bureau’s Award-winning fashion director and editor Jason Lee Coates and marketing and business administration expert Hirohito Suzuki. Joining them at the conference’s activities are Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines president and ARANAZ founder and creative director Amina Aranaz-Alunan, founder and designer of Tokyo-based Filipino fashion label Johann Manas, London-trained Filipino designer Carl Jan Cruz and more.

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For more about the PHx Fashion Conference, information is available at and @phxfashionconference on Instagram.

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