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In Cubao, A Space for Creative, Timeless Minds

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Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | Oct 10, 2019
In Cubao, A Space for Creative, Timeless Minds

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Originally started in 1972, the Marikina Shoe Expo served as an area where local shoemakers could showcase and sell their products. It closed down briefly in the 1990s to be reborn in the 2000s as Cubao Expo, or Cubao X” as some fondly call it, beginning its character as the ultimate hub for those who have an eye for everything timeless and artistic.

The boutiques at Cubao Expo offer various items of old, such as vinyl records, cassette tapes, vintage souvenirs, and current pieces for the creative, such as trendy clothes, musical instruments, and pop-culture novelties. For foodies, the place also has a variety of restaurants serving dishes from favorite cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and Filipino. Events are also something that Cubao X and its vendors hold continually to cater to their creative market: art exhibits and live gigs for those who want to spend their nights in the expo’s chill and soulful energy.

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Though Cubao Expo is known as a place of both classic and hip finds, it ultimately serves as a space for modern-day Filipinos to come together and celebrate each other’s company and appreciation of ageless art. Whether entering Cubao X to immerse one's self in social niceties, whether chatting with people, having a drink with friends or playing and jamming outside of the shops that line its alleyways, it is the totality of these experiences that bring the expo to life. 

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