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In Poblacion, Makati, Life of a Zombie Themed Party

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Choose Philippines | Nov 12, 2019

Story by Grayson Yañez

Ghastly ghouls, deadly lurkers, and all-out party-goers roamed the streets of Poblacion, Makati and were all in high spirits last 31 October 2019 for Zombie Street: Halloween Party 2019. Organized by the Z Hostel Philippines Group, who have successfully staged numerous events like Cinco de Mayo and Philippine Independence Day parties, Zombie Street definitely took the party on an almost apocalyptic proportion with an epic line-up of live performances across many establishments in Poblacion.

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Despite the heavy downpour, everyone braved the streets and establishments to drink, dance, and enjoy the bloody night. The entire street of Don Pedro was lit in red and festooned with decors in true zombie apocalypse fashion. The main establishments that took part in the party included the Z Hostel Roof Deck, The Ruins, Green Door, and The Apartment, and Meeting Point.

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Poblacion has truly become the capital’s hub of entertainment, arts, and dining drawing in thousands of local and international tourists especially during occasions such as Halloween. To ensure that the Halloween festivities would fill the party-goers with only good memories, the Z Hostel Group took special care in ensuring everyone’s safety by securing all necessary permits, hiring professional security company and traffic enforcers, and cleaning up the entire party streets the morning. 

Photographs from Z Hostel Group

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