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In Makati, The Magical World of Sugarlandia Comes to Life

Metro Manila

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | Dec 17, 2019

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A premium rum favorite in the Philippines, Don Papa brought their night of fun and drinks back to Metro Manila on November 30, 2019. With its theme of #DestinationSugarlandia, the social event brought the magical world to life through the tropical music, floral and wild forest setting, and the must-try signature Sugarlandia cocktails.

Like its previous events held in various areas such as the islands of Siargao and more, this was a celebration of their products’ roots from Negros in Visayas, a recognized producer of more than half of the country’s sugar. The Negros island holds its folktale of Sugarlandia, a time where mortals, babaylans, and magical creatures lived together in peace amidst rich culture and nature. This is the place where Don Papa found the inspiration for their Sugarlandia bashes that started in 2015.

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Moving to the groove was something you surely couldn’t help but do if you were here. Dancers were present to get you into the native vibe, engaging different people to join and get down to the electrifying and carribbean-esque tracks that the DJ spun. Getting the crowd even more into a party mood, personalized headwear such as masks and Indian headbands were available for those who wanted to go all in the lush, mystical theme.

The night wouldn’t be complete without the rich Don Papa Rum concoctions, served and mixed by brand ambassador Lloyd Misagal. These drinks cheered and celebrated to were Don Papa specialties, including Don Papa Masskara shots, Jasmine infused Campari, Sweet Vermouth, and more.

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The overall Sugarlandia energy felt at Parallax Studio was festive and vibrant, seeming as though the experience was a dreamy, colorful getaway in the wild.  “I love the chill yet hyped vibe. Parang if I wanted to go on vacation and I only had one night free, this is like the perfect vibe and place para doon,” relates attendee Mark, “Ang saya lang, the dancing, the music, the people, the drinks of course. Feeling ko once tuloy-tuloy na yung gabing ‘to di ko na gugustuhin umuwi.” (“If I wanted to go on a vacation and I only had one night free, this is like the perfect vibe and place for that. It’s fun, the dancing, the music, the people, the drinks of course. I feel that once the night goes on I won’t want to go home by the end of it.”)

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