Marinduque's Moriones Festival: Holy & Happy!


Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | Mar 13, 2014
Marinduque's Moriones Festival: Holy & Happy!

The Moriones Festival depicts the suffering of Christ and the story of Saint Longinus, the half-blind centurion who speared the crucified body of Jesus. It is said that when the blood of Jesus dripped into the blind eye of Longinus, his vision returned. The miracle made him turn his back from his fellow centurions and to convert to Christianity.

In this festival, locals and the parade's participants dress in elaborate costumes depicting the Romans in Jesus’s time. The highlight is the donning of the “morion” or mask that was part of the medieval Roman armor.

The Moriones Festival takes place during the Lenten Season, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. This 2014, it will be held on April 13-20. Make sure to catch the Via Crucis, the reenactment of the Passion of Christ, on Good Friday.

The Moriones Festival is not only a tourist attraction, but most importantly, a great way to reflect on what the Holy week is all about, how it is all for Jesus Christ.

Here's a fun infographic on 10 Facts about the Moriones Festival:



Source: Wow Marinduque

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