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Choose Philippines | Oct 28, 2014

The ancient town of Angono, Rizal Province celebrates the Higantes Festival every 23rd of November. It features the "higantes" or giant effigies made of paper mache that measure four to five feet in diameter and 10 to 12 feet in height.

This year, the people of Angono will give the higantes a different spin through a Halloween Higantes Display to jumpstart the two-month long festival.

Photo credit: ruelo

History has it that the festival started as a way to mock the Spanish hacienderos who restricted the town's frequency in celebrating feasts by instituting only one annual fiesta.

Full of art and color, the townspeople adapted the Mexican piñata and made large caricatures of the landlords. Over 100 higantes now roam the streets of Angono annually.

Photo credit: Dagon Hoyohoy

The feast of Angono's patron, St. Clement, is also celebrated within the festival. Aside from the fluvial parade in honor of St. Clement, the Higantes Festival also features art exhibits, concerts, cosplay competitions, and other contests related to the arts. Angono, after all, is the art capital of the Philippines.

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Here is the tentative schedule of the Higantes Festival 2014:

Halloween Party and contest

  • Angono Municipal Compound
  • Oct. 31, 8 pm

Christmas Tiangge

  • Angono Municipal Compound
  • Nov. 1 - Dec. 30

Celebration of the 102nd Birth Anniversary of Carlos "Botong" Francisco

  • Nov. 4, 4 pm

Ayala Foundation and Angono Art Exhibit

  • Angono Elementary School Gymnasium
  • Nov. 4 - 24

SM Angono Grand Opening

  • Parade of ‘Higantes’
  • Parehadora Street Dance Exhibition
  • Higantitos family painting competition
  • Nov. 14, 10 am

GSM Concert

  • Angono Municipal Compound
  • Nov. 14, 8pm

Sumba Festival

  • Lakeside Park, Brgy. San Vicente
  • Nov. 15, 7am

San Miguel Beer Concert Battle of the Bands

  • Nov. 15, 8pm

Photo credit: Anthony J

Higantes Festival Grand Parade (Parada ng Bayan)

  • SM Angono Assembly Area
  • Nov. 16, 7am

Cosplay Competition

  • SM Center Angono
  • Nov 16, 10 am

Parehadora Festival V (Street Dancing)

  • National Road 11am
  • Nov. 16

Band Drill exhibition, Drum Battle and Baton Competition

  • Angono Gymnasium 3pm
  • Nov. 16

SMART Concert

  • Angono Municipal Compound
  • Nov. 16, 7 pm

Higantes On-the-spot painting Contest

  • SM Angono, 10 am
  • Nov. 18

Ms. Higantes Festival (Face of the Year 2014)

  • Angono Municipal Compound
  • Nov. 18

2GO Videoke Challenge

  • Angono Municipal Compound
  • Nov. 21, 6 pm

Photo credit: Dindin Lagdameo

Sky Cable Dance Contest

  • Angono Municipal Compound
  • Nov. 21, 8 pm

Itik Cooking Contest

  • National Road
  • Nov. 22, 9 am

Bisperas Mayores

  • Parada ng Bayan
  • Nov. 22

Angono Town Fiesta

  • Kapistahan ni San Clemente
  • Nov. 23, 7 am

Lantern Parade

  • Dec. 12

Drum and Lyre Competition

  • SM Angono
  • Dec. 12, 4 pm

Christmas Concert

  • Angono Municipal Compound
  • Dec. 21, 8 pm

Rizal Day Celebration

  • Angono Municipal Compound
  • Dec. 30, 7 am


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