Lechon Festival: Borongan City’s Best Tasting Roasted Pigs


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Aug 18, 2015

“Baysay Borongan!” (Beautiful Borongan!)

Borongan City’s Lechon Parade 2011

Every year, Borongan celebrates its festival showcasing their delicious lechon. Residents, motorist and visitors of the city are all lined up the streets to witness the parade of roasted pigs.

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The biggest part of the festival is the parade of roasted pigs. On top of festivity, litsoneros prepare their best quality pig to join in the parade, carried by tricycles or pedicabs. The winner will get a cash prize. 


They dress up the lechon to attract attention during the parade, like making it wear a bikini, hat or sunglasses. They also decorate it with pineapples, corn cobs, and other root crops.

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The first Borongan Lechon Parade started last September 2011.

(All file photos courtesy of Ranulfo Docdocan / ABS-CBN Tacloban otherwise stated.)

How to Go There

There is still no direct airplane flight service between Manila and Borongan City up to the present.

From Manila, you can fly to "The Gateway to Eastern Visayas" -- Tacloban (estimated cost Php2,700++, round trip, 1 hour 15 minutes).

From Tacloban City, you can take a mini-bus or air-conditioned shuttle van ride to Borongan City.

The modes of transportation in and around the city are motorized tricycles, motorcycles, passenger jeepneys, multi-cabs and bicycles.

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