Pamulak Festival 2015: The Parade of Davao's Beautiful Flowers

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 10, 2015
Pamulak Festival 2015: The Parade of Davao's Beautiful Flowers

Davaoeños went out into the streets to witness the parade of gigantic icons that represent Davao: durians, eagles, and the tribal people. These icons are adorned by various types of colorful flowers. 

An ethereal festival celebration became more magical with people in nymph and fairy costumes. 

The Mintal float is a memorial to the historic event that happened in Davao City during the Japanese occupation. This year’s grand winner of 500, 000 pesos is a float built as a tribute to Pamana—the Philippine Eagle released and later found dead from a gunshot in Mt. Hamiguitan. 

Pamulak Festival showcases the beauty of nature in Davao and conveys a message that such beauty should be preserved.

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