Rejoice & Have Fun: Meet the Dancing Potters at Karansa Festival


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Sep 22, 2015
Rejoice & Have Fun: Meet the Dancing Potters at Karansa Festival
Danao Karansa Festival via danaocity.wordpress.com

The people of Danao known as Danaowanons celebrate the Karansa Festival through dancing. They commemorate the festival as a thanksgiving for their accomplished work and bountiful blessings they received from the town's patron saint, Sr. Sto. Thomas de Villanueva.

Karansa” is a local term which means to rejoice and have fun.

Danao Karansa Festival via cebu.gov.ph

One of the well-known products of Danao City, Cebu is pottery. Majority of Danaowanons’ livelihood is from clay ceramics. Karansa were performed by the potters while waiting for their clay pots to be baked. They usually drink tuba (coconut wine) to relax and at the same time dance as an expression of gratitude after a hard day’s work.

Karansa Festival started in 1999, it highlights different activities and events such as the street dancing competition.

Basic dance steps of Karansa:

  • Kiay (sway)
  • Kurug (shake)
  • Karag (jitter)
  • Karahay
Danao Karansa Festival via danaokaransafestival.blogspot.com

Danao City imports pottery and is a profitable industry that is why most Danaowanons are tagged as good “dancing potters."

The annual festival is celebrated every third week of September usually during the 19th to 21st day of the month.

Tara na mag Karansa na ta! (Come and Let’s Dance!)


How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Cebu (estimated cost of Php3,000++, round trip, 45 minutes).

From Cebu, you can take a bus at the North Bus Terminal in Mandaue City. You can take a bus (estimate of Php35-Php40) going to Carmen or Sogod. Buses leave every 15 minutes. You can also ride a van (estimate Php50 per head for a 16-18 passenger van) to get you straight to Danao or ride a cab (estimate of Php600-Php1000) if you want comfort.

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