Discover Lutayan: Mysterious Lake & Kanduli Festival

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Nanardz Navarro
Nanardz Navarro | Oct 26, 2015
Discover Lutayan: Mysterious Lake & Kanduli Festival

Lutayan is one of the towns of the Province of Sultan Kudarat where Christians, Muslims and Lumads live in harmony together. The town is located just 10-15 minutes away from the City of Koronadal in South Cotabato.

Farming and fishing is the main livelihood of the people in Lutayan. They were blessed with rich soil that yields abundant crops of rice and corn, and wide hectares of lake which could raise fishes, mainly bangus and tilapia. The steady growth of tilapia production in Lutayan Lake has given the town the title of "Tilapia Capital of the Province of Sultan Kudarat " and is admired by its neighboring towns.

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A mystery surrounds Lutayan Lake which seemed not running out of God's favors. Locals believed that a mysterious creature - a giant crocodile, inhabits and which protect the area from people who would abuse and take advantage of the generous lake.

It is believed that because of this mysterious creature and with the help of Allah the people of Lutayan continuously enjoy bountiful harvests and  live in abundance. 

In gratitude for the blessings they received, the people of Lutayan are offering rituals accompanied by music and colorful traditional dances and then offering a rich banquet with incantations and prayers.


The fun activities are continued over time and eventually was called Kanduli Festival, a thanksgiving celebration showcasing the rich culture and traditions of the people of Lutayan.

Don't miss the next Kanduli Festival in the Municipality of Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat Province. It is usually held from October 9- 12, and make sure to drop by Lutayan Lake- witness the harvest of tilapia and prepare for some bird watching activities. Lutayan Lake is also home to some migratory birds.

How to get there:

By Plane: General Santos City is the gateway to Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat.

Philippine Airlines and other major airlines flies between Manila and General Santos City daily. From the airport, Lutayan is about 2 hours away. 

Don't, forget to drop by at the Municipal Tourism Office when you arrived at Lutayan.
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