10 Things To Look Forward To At Davao's Kadayawan In August

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Aug 12, 2016
10 Things To Look Forward To At Davao's Kadayawan In August




Every third week of August in Davao City is a cause for celebration.  This year, the Land of the Durian is more festive as Davaoeños not only showcase its bountiful harvest and convergence of culture at the Kadayawan, but also the presidency of its 22-year termer mayor.

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So why should you be in Davao City in August?  Here are the reasons why:

1. Fruits galore

Durian, mangosteen, rambutan, lanzones, and marang are in season and can go as low as P15 per kilo.

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2. Sayaw Mindanaw

This is a showcase of the dances of the different cultural groups of Mindanao performed by theater and dancing groups. 

3. Moda Mindanaw

Witness a fashion show of the works of Mindanaoan designers using fabrics and textiles from local weavers.

4. Davao River Festival (Suba sa Kinabuhi)

The first civilizations sprung from the banks of the rivers and so does Davao City.  A fluvial parade of the different tribes of Mindanao is done along Davao River.

5. Tunog Dabaw (World Music Festival)

The different sounds of some tribes in Mindanao are represented through the World Music Festival, where the traditional music and its instruments truly shine!

6. Streetdancing (Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan)

On August 19, Saturday, the streets of Davao dance to the beat of drums and the sound of pounding feet from different performers from all over Mindanao, depicting stories of different tribes through dance called Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan.

7. Floral Float Parade (Pamulak sa Kadalanan)

Floral floats showcasing the abundant flora and fauna of Davao adorn the streets on Sunday, August 20 at the Pamulak.

8. Agri-Trade Fair

Starting August 1, fruits, vegetables, plants, processed food, furniture and other products of Mindanao will also be available. 

9. Food Galore

Roxas Avenue and other streets will be offering affordable barbecue and other street food.  Restaurants and other food establishments will also have special kadayawan menu and discounts.

10. Sale! Sale! Sale!

Kadayawan Sale is on in shopping malls, tiangges and ukay-ukay.

So be sure to book your tickets now to avail of the fun in August in Davao City and check out the schedule of events here:

How to Get There: 

Major airlines fly daily from Manila and Cebu to Davao City. Travel time from Manila is an hour and 50 minutes and from Cebu, 50 minutes.

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