Giants Still Exist in the Arts Capital of the Philippines


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Choose Philippines | Nov 22, 2016

Every 23 of November of the year, the town of Angono celebrates the “Higantes Festival” in honor of their patron saint, St. Clementin.

This celebration includes a fluvial parade, art exhibit, concerts, cosplay competitions, and art-related contests. 

During this time of the year, humongous effegies of up to 12 feet in height roam around the streets of Angono.

From earlier days, these giants were made of paper mache but at present day, townspeople uses fiber glass. Talk about going to the next level.

If you’re up for something interesting and cool-turally relevant, head over to Angono this coming week and be part of the festival yourself. Who knows, you might seal the trip with a rekindled artistic spirit in you?

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