Chirstmas Tree Made Of Bras Flies From Zamboanga to Cebu!


Ulysses John Almocera
Ulysses John Almocera | Dec 16, 2016
Chirstmas Tree Made Of Bras Flies From Zamboanga to Cebu!
A Christmas tree made of used brassieres that was flown from Zamboanga City to Cebu City


The BRA ( Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (CMZ) got invited to promote their breast cancer awareness campaign by building a christmas tree in Cebu. Dra Filipinas Rojo and her team had to fly the ornamented brassieres from Zamboanga City to Cebu City and assemble their Christmas Tree in a to participate in a Christmas Tree Festival launched last November 18, 2016.  Along –side the ChritBRAs Tree is a giant bejeweled bra given by Ms. Nora Sanico of Illinois, USA and also owner of Crumbsnbuns by Nora.

 Ms. Annely Enad and Ms. Cristina Bolo assembles the adorned brassieres.

Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers in the Philippines, the highest incidence rate in Asia and with very low survival rate of 40-50%. CMZ also recognizes that better disease awareness helps detect the disease at an earlier, thereby, more curable stage. The CMZ Breast Wellness Center (CMZ BWC) was launched in 2012 as its flagship Corporate Social Responsibility program under the helm of Breast Advocate, Dr. Marissa Lim. They had been very active in promoting breast cancer awareness in Zamboanga City.


Dra Filipinas Rojo poses with the giant bejeweled bra beside the Christmas Tree.

Now on its fourth year, the program had been sustained and mainstreamed in different activities and events in Zamboanga. When the opportunity came for the program to extend its advocacy to Cebu, the nurses and staff of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga worked hard to adorn and glamorize used brassieres to be part of the Christmas Tree. Logistics was a bit challenging as Dra Rojo and two nurses had to fly and assemble the brassieres in Cebu! With the help of friends and family members based in Cebu, the Christmas tree was assembled just in time.

The Christmas tree along with other trees in the festival.

There are other Christmas trees in the festival representing other causes. The Christmas tree will surely stand out not just because of its unique decors but also because of its advocacy. 

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