A Mangrove Tree Will Be Planted For Every Attendee In This PH Festival

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Choose Philippines | Feb 13, 2017

Many travelers are artists in their own right: most seek inspiration from their travels, and transform them into works of art on their social media accounts or blogs. In fact, one can argue that an artist can be defined as someone who know how to see and appreciate beauty, and for many travelers, that describes them perfectly.

Up close and personal with all the marine life in Puerto Galera. 

If so, you can easily feel like an artist at the upcoming Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival this coming March 10-12, 2017.

The festival, held annually for the past seven years, has been pulling in both local and international audiences, eager to see the musicality, artistry, and beautiful sights to see what the Philippines has to offer.

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The Malasimbo Festival is organized by Volume Unit Entertainment (VUE) and has been hosted by the D’Aboville Foundation, and many consider Malasimbo as the longest-running, most popular, and most eco-friendly festival because of the foundation’s efforts.

The many artists bound to set the tone for the three-day festivities in Mt. Malasimbo!

Its success is a collaboration among the many people part of the festivities, from the international and local musicians, to the artists exuberant in showcasing their work, to the Mangyans excitedly teaching the patrons about their culture and heritage, to the eco-warriors committed to conserving and preserving the environment. In case you’re wondering, here’s what happened last year during the Malasimbo Festival 2016. Watch it in full HD below:

The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival will be held in Puerto Galera this coming March 10-12. For more information, you can visit the host foundation here, or the official page of Malasimbo here. For every ticket sold, Malasimbo and d’Aboville will plant a mangrove seedling, and the proceeds will go to the conservation of both the culture and environment of Puerto Galera. See you there!

A beautiful sunset at the Sofitel Plaza, where the Malasimbo Press Conference was held

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