4 Delicious Must-try Eats in Lucban


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Choose Philippines | May 16, 2018
4 Delicious Must-try Eats in Lucban
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By Marie Francia

1. The Lucban Longganisa

We all get crazy for the garlicky punch of the famous Lucban Longganisa. And I’m sure we’re willing to sacrifice the citrusy scent of our cars just to bring home a dozen string of this tasty treat. You can get them at Buddy’s and at Eker and Ely – the best homemade brands according to the locals.

2. The Pansit Habhab

What’s a trip to Quezon without trying the Pansit Lucban habhab style? This irresistible dish is often served on a banana leaf along the side streets of Lucban. What’s the use of fork if you can eat it straight from the leaf? Just pour a slight amount of vinegar on it and that’s basically it – a pancit experience you can only find in Quezon.

3.  The Hardinera Meatloaf

Also a must-try is the Hardinera, a Lucban meatloaf. It is a steamed dish made with pineapples, raisins, chorizo, diced pork and egg.

4.  The Budin Cassava

For dessert, try their popular cassava delicacy called Budin. It looks like your regular cassava cake, but the natives tweaked it to their liking. People that has come and gone to Lucban swears by this delightful little treat.


How to get there:

Take the Calamba Exit at the South Luzon Expressway. You have to pass through the towns of Calamba, Los Banos, Bay, Victoria, Pila, Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan, Cavinti and Luisiana. Lucban is the first town in Quezon you’ll reach via this route.

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