Rain or Shine, A Bacolod Festival Like No Other

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Lory Joyce Andagan
Lory Joyce Andagan | Nov 11, 2019

The best way to end the month of October is to celebrate the Masskara Festival! The happiest and most colorful festival in the country celebrated their Ruby Year last 27 October 2019, never failing to bring the pomp and pageantry to everyone who joined the festivities.

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One of the most anticipated events of the festival is the Electric Masskara. Lighted floats with dancers wearing lighted masks paraded along Lacson Street, adding more excitement to the night. People flocked to the streets to witness the creative pieces of each barangay. The dancers were energetic, the beat of samba music urging everyone to dance. 

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The highlight of the night is the street dance and arena competition held in Araneta Street – the longest street in Bacolod- and in the public plaza. Unexpectedly, around 2 pm in the afternoon, when the parade was about to start, heavy rain drenched the dance parade but that didn’t stop anyone. Dancers still performed their hearts out, showcasing what they’ve got after months of preparation. Even audiences stayed on the streets still taking pictures and videos of the performers.

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The final performance was at the plaza where they will be judged differently. Anxious about slipping during their performance, given that their props, costumes and masks were all wet, which added weight to what they were carrying, the dancers still managed to do it enthusiastically. This serves as an example that no matter what happens, the show must go on! Though the festival ended with heavy rains, Filipinos will always incorporate this as a blessing from above.

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