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Cheers to That: The Art of Tagayan


Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | Feb 06, 2014

Spearheaded by the tourism authority of Quezon, the province came up with a unique welcome to tourists. Each traveler is welcomed by a "tanggero" with a shot of lambanog, a local drink made from distilled coconut nectar and one of the main products of Tayabas, Quezon.

Once he or she receives the shot, the visitor will say Na’ay po! (Here’s the drink!) to which the fellow drinkers will answer Pakinabangan po! (Make good use of it!) in unison. The cheering and clapping demonstrate the appreciation and the warm hospitality of the locals of Quezon.

The practice or tradition of drinking by "tagayan" has always been a part of Filipino culture. A common glass is shared by everyone, showing camaraderie among friends having a good time. Each "tagay" or shot is then cheered on and passed on to every drinker by the "tanggero."

Filipinos love to have a good time, no doubt. And the people of Quezon show us how it's done -- and with such spirit.

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