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ABS-CBN Foundation | Jun 11, 2013

Who would have thought that Paco Market was once a bustling center for commerce and trade? The fresh catch of fishermen from the then immaculate Pasig River would be transported to the market. The economy was in good shape.

After a century, the once rich river became filled with shanties that no fish could ever survive. The orderly market turned frenzy. Ambulant vendors were everywhere. Tons of garbage from the market is thrown into the nearby estero, eventually draining to the Pasig River.

To bring back its beauty, Kapit Bisig para sa Ilog Pasig and notable partners refurbished the market to become environmentally world class – but still remained faithful to its original architecture. A distinct addition to Paco Market is the Activity Center – built to be the venue for promoting livelihood, arts and music.

To know more about Paco Market restoration, visit their website at kapitbisigparasailogpasig and like our Facebook pages http://facebook.com/kapitbisigparasailogpasig and http://facebook.com/abscbnfoundationkapamilya.

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