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Pinto Gallery: Your Doorway Into Arts, Nature & Life

Kimo Cea
Kimo Cea | Mar 11, 2015

On top of the hills of Antipolo lies an inspiring contemporary art space made with such an obviously impressive visual artistry. The ambience of the place, the architecture of the villa,  and the aura of the people feel so inspiring and so pure. It was, for me, a creative retreat.  



This arts sanctuary is located inside Grand Heights Subdivision, a quiet hillside subdivision in Antipolo, Rizal with a wide 1.2 hectare property. This Santorini-inspired dwelling place houses 7 modern and contemporary art galleries, an indigenous art museum, sculpture gardens, a chapel, 2 cafes, and not to mention, a private residence inside this welcoming art space. Such kind owner, I may say, for opening it to the public for arts appreciation.



I fell in love with the place to an extent that I want to only keep it for myself, but unluckily, it was not I who fell in love first. Everyone who has visited the place fell in love with it since its day of opening in 2010. Thus, writing about this fine discovery --- for everyone to love (and visit) too.

Welcome to Pinto Art Museum.



Owner and Collector Dr. Joven Cuanang erected this place to exhibit his well loved collection of artworks from famous and promising local artIsans. Designed by famous architect Antonio Leano, every gesture you make will certainly direct you to an interesting discovery of treasures and masterpieces. 




The art galleries have themed collection of art pieces displaying a variety of modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures and art installations. Pinto Art Museum houses 7 art galleries, so expect a rather overwhelming visual treat.  





Get a glimpse of our culture's richness here in The Museum of Indigeneous Arts, as you discover the beauty of our ancestors way of living before the influence of western culture. 


Facade of The Museum of Indigineous Arts


Pinto Art Museum also takes you into a gourmet experience as you dine in Cafe Tan-aw by Peppermill serving you just the right flavorsome Ilocano fushion menu. You may enjoy Cafe Tan-aw's appetizing dishes in Pinto's Garden area, Roofdeck or in the Museum area.


Photo by Peppermill

Enjoy the vibrance of Pinto and spend the whole day appreciating and exploring the creativity this place has to offer. If there is something here that is more than the artworks, it is definitely the architecture and the landscape of the place.



There is so much for you to discover here in Pinto, one of which is a place dedicated to the star-crossed romance of Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera.



Pinto Art Museum is open 9AM to 7PM, Tuesdays to Sundays, and is located at No. 1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights, Antipolo City, Rizal. Entrance fee is P150. 50% off for students. For more information about the art museum, you may call them at (02) 6971015; or visit their Facebook at Pinto Art Museum. 

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