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Fun, Festive, Flavorful: Unlimited Paella Fiesta at Casa Roces (Delicioso!)

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Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Mar 23, 2015
Fun, Festive, Flavorful: Unlimited Paella Fiesta at Casa Roces (Delicioso!)

Casa Roces in San Miguel, Manila is serving unlimited Paella. 

Yes, you read that right. For just Php 450.00 per head, you can eat all the Paella you want! The only catch is that you can only experience this during Saturdays and Sundays from 11AM to 3PM.

But for unlimited servings of this amazing dish, the wait is definitely worth it. 

¿Delicioso? ¡Sí!

However, if there’s still some doubt in your mind regarding the taste and quality of this dish, we should tell you that the guy making this is a true-blooded Spaniard from Valenciana, the place where the Paella originated. Chef (he doesn’t like being called that) Luis Minguez has over 25 years cooking experience, and has been making Paella in their household kitchen ever since he was a child.

Chef Minguez claims that true Valenciana Paella is much simpler, without much toppings, and is served with chicken and rabbits. But for the sake of all the rabbit-lovers out there (as well as people perplexed by the idea of a Paella without toppings), he serves Paella according to the Pinoy taste: full of flavor and color, and is nevertheless an exquisite experience for all the senses.

Why eat something so cute?

But Chef is a nice guy; if you ask nicely and reserve in advance, he’ll gladly serve authentic Valenciana Paella to you and your friends.

Get your paella fix this weekend!

You can find Casa Roces inside the Malacañan Complex at #1153 JP Laurel St. Cor Aguado St., San Miguel, Manila. 

For reservations, call: 735-5896 / 488-1929 / 0917-5509-743

You can also email: [email protected]



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