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The Grand Mosque of the Philippines

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 18, 2013

The Sultan Hassal Bolkiah Masjid (The Grand Mosque) in Cotabato City was funded by the Sultan of Brunei through the initiative of former Congressman Didagen Dilangalen to the tune of Php300 million.

It is located at Barangay Kalanganan Dos, Cotabato City, 2-3 kilometers away from the city’s Husky Bus Terminal.

From the down town area, you ride a jeepney (Highway-Awang route) for only Php12 (US$0.28). When you reach the Husky Bus Terminal, you take the motorcycle going to the mosque.

Once you reach the mosque, you feel like you have been immediately transported to the Middle East because of the mosque’s design.

The mosque’s minarets are 141 feet tall (43 meters or equivalent to a 15-storey building)) and is topped by pilot’s lights to avoid aerial accidents at night.

The domes which are painted in gold are adorned by crescent moons.

The white and gold grand mosque can accommodate 800 male worshippers and 400 female worshippers.

The mosque is visible from both land and sea through the Moro Gulf to the east and the Awang Airport to the south.

The Sultan Hassal Bolkiah Masjid (The Grand Mosque) is an awesome sight to behold in Cotabato City, the administrative centre of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

How To Get There:

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have daily flights to Cotabato City.

Fare Average: Php5,000-6,000 (US$116.28-139.54)

Buses and Vans ply daily from Davao to Cotabato.
Bus Fare: Php240 (US$5.58) deluxe, Php300 (US$6.98) aircon Van Fare: Php350 (US$8.14)

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