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The 3 Tales of Kinilaw That You Probably Have Not Heard Of (Part 2)


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Oct 02, 2015
The 3 Tales of Kinilaw That You Probably Have Not Heard Of (Part 2)

“Kinilaw” comes from the Visayan term “kilaw” which means “eaten fresh.”

We’ve learned the story about the fisherman who left his fresh catch of fishes under a coconut tree on the first part. The second story is about a nasty datu and his cook. Continue reading to learn of the story.


2. The Datu and the Cook

Once upon a time, there lived an obnoxious and despicable Datu.

The Datu loves to eat and always crave for food. To satisfy his insatiable appetite, he always pressures his cook to prepare a unique dish. The cook worked on his very best but the Datu is not always satisfied.

Then one day, the Datu told his cook that his head will be cut off if he can’t make a commendable delicious dish that suits his royal appetite.

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The cook named “Law” felt frustrated since he had already cooked all the recipes he knows of. Feeling hopeless because he does not know what to prepare next, Law went mad. The next day, accepting his fate he said to himself that if he will die then the Datu must also die with him. Law planned of making the Datu get a really bad stomach. Thinking that raw fish is a perfect ingredient to cause irrepressible diarrhea, that’s what he prepared. He filleted the fish, soaked it in vinegar, added salt and some spices. Law then served it to the datu.

Unexpectedly, the dish passed the scrupulous taste of the Datu. He enjoyed eating the dish and said “kini Law.” (This it Law.)


Instead of using the usual fresh fish, have you tried scallops for your kinilaw instead?


The Scallop Kinilaw is one of the seafood dishes served in Sagay City, Negros Occidental. I haven’t got the exact recipe but they say you can make the scallop kinilaw just like how you make the rest of the kinilaw recipes.

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For the scallops, remove it from its shell and thinly slice it. After slicing, marinate it in calamansi or lime, salt and put chili for an added zing. You can serve it with sliced onions, cucumber, tomatoes or pickled ginger.

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