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The Tattooed Women of Tinglayan, Kalinga


Pinoy Adventurista
Pinoy Adventurista | Jul 11, 2013

Contributed by: Travel Insider Pinoy Adventurista

Tucked among the mountains of the Cordilleras, I am glad to have visited Kalinga province and met some of the remaining tattooed Kalinga women.

The tattooed women of Tinglayan have their tattoos in their bodies as ornaments like a necklace or full sleeves on their arms to signify beauty; it makes them more attractive to their suitors. For the men, it is a sign of bravery as warriors who have killed their enemies as Kalinga tribes are known to be the fiercest headhunting warriors of the Cordilleras.

These tattoos were done by a traditional tattoo artists locally known as "mambabatok". Charcoal that was made into a paste and a thorn that serves as a needle were used to make the tattoo.

"We only read them on text books. Seeing them is a learning experience".

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To know more about the Tattooed Kalinga Women, CLICK HERE.

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