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5 Must-do Activities in the Bustling District of Quiapo

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Choose Philippines | Sep 22, 2016
5 Must-do Activities in the Bustling District of Quiapo

Whether you hop on a public transportation or use your own vehicle, Quiapo may be packed and busy but this town is a go-to place of most Filipinos. It is a reminder of Philippine historical and political events. It is a one stop shop for all your necessities. And of course, a location for solemn ceremonies. A lot has changed physically but it is still the same old Quiapo which everyone know of. 

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Offer your prayers inside the Quiapo Church

Filipinos often find a way to visit the Quiapo Church. It is a holy landmark and a symbolism for gathering, devotion, and other religious activities. In here, you will witness individuals practicing the holy act of praying while kneeling all the way to the altar.

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Hidalgo street is an answered prayer for all your Photography queries and needs

Need your films developed? Wanna get that Camera you've been eyeing on at a low cost? How about new accessories? Don't fret, Hidalgo street has it all for you. This road is well-known for all your photography related products. 

Fortune Tellers all over Quiapo will enthusiastically read your future for you

The Filipino culture is fully grasp on the superstition belief. Making most people travel all the way to Quiapo to have their futures told or their past fixed. Will you let these individuals control your life? 

Note: People always find a way to come back.

Plaza Miranda at present

At the center of Quiapo, Plaza Miranda, nothing has changed. Sampaguita sellers roaming around the area, lit a candle or two with a color of your choice, offer a prayer or let fortune tellers predict your future. Indeed, it is the same old plaza everyone goes to. 

Native products under the Quiapo bridge

How innovative Filipinos can be? Who would have thought that underneath the bridge would be various native products being sold. From Christmas ornaments, to handmade Filipino costumes, to assorted delicacies, and fancy trinkets. Name it, they have it. It is the answer for all the balikbayan needs that would not hurt your pocket. 

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