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The Pink Mosque of Maguindanao


Pinas Muna
Pinas Muna | Jul 24, 2013

There are only very few places around the world where you can see a pink mosque among which are Malaysia and India. Now, the province of Maguindanao awaits the completion of its Pink Mosque. Located in the town of Datu Saudi Ampatuan, the Pink Mosque, or officially called Masjid Dimaukom, is set to become the new face of Maguindanao.

The construction of the mosque is expected to be completed in October 2013, in time for Eid al-Adha, one of the major religious holidays of Islam. Upon completion, the mosque is expected to draw tourists in the province, among which are students of architecture interested in Islamic Architecture.

Read our complete feature on The Pink Mosque of Maguindanao to learn more about this structure and for directions on how to get there.

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