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Simplicity at Its Best: Life in the Arts Capital of the Philippines


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Choose Philippines | Sep 27, 2016
Nestled in the east of Luzon is a cultural treasure trove. In here you’ll find galleries, museums, and street art built and created by her own children. 

Angono, nationally renowned home to the brightest and most brilliant artist of our time, is the Arts Capital of the Philippines.

Jasmin Blanco teaching visual arts

This label is evident even to its nook and crannies. Even in the life of its people, one can see how simplicity plays a big role in the creation of their grand art.

Children gets access on countless art lessons, learning from the very bests of the country. To name a few are the Blanco siblings, Joy and Michael. 


Here, take a peak on the manifestation that simplicity is truly beauty. In this case, turned into something beautiful, ART, whatever form it may be.

Home of the Master: A Tour Inside a National Artist's Creative Den Angono Will Ignite the Fire of Nationalism Burning in Us 


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