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St. Clement Church: The Historic 445-year-old Church in Angono


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Choose Philippines | Nov 07, 2016

Officially established during the early 1930’s, the St. Clement Parish still stands along the art street of Angono - Doña Aurora Street. It’s a place of rich and vibrant history with records of visita tracing back as early as 1571, this church is a must go-to place when in the province of Rizal.

Formerly known as Hacienda y Estancia de Angono, St. Clement Parish was thought to be a private chapel or merely a ‘bodega’. It was simply at a later time that the owners of the Hacienda turned in into a house of worship so that more people will be evangelised, especially in the growing population in Angono.

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Today, this church stands as a sanctuary for the community of Angono - especially those who are looking for spiritual refuge.

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