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Ever Wonder Why Angono is Home to Two Philippine National Artists?


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Choose Philippines | Nov 07, 2016

Aptly known as the “Arts Capital of the Philippines”, Angono is home to two National Artists - Carlos “Botong” Francisco and Lucio San Pedro. The former is a visual artist and the latter, a composer. Their works are displayed on art walls in the street of Doña Aurora. 

Once you walk through the streets of Angono, you will certainly feel the artistic vibes seep into your veins - perhaps, it’s pride for the Filipino’s genuine artistry. If that’s not enough, this place is also where home-grown talents bloomed in families (Mirandas and Blancos), clans and into a cultural revolution within the community. In here, kids are thought how to draw first before they get to learn how to walk or talk. 

The creative culture that has been cultivated in this town can be seen in countless art lessons in different mediums offered around the area. So if you’re a frustrated musician, painter, or artist, we couldn’t recommend of a more fitting place than the town of Angono, Rizal.

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